Yamaha 01v with MY8-AT (main mixer)

Behringer 1602 (sub mixer)

Behringer ADA8000

Behringer DI-800 8-ch DI (3 st)

Behringer un-balanced patchbay

Fostex VC-8 ADAT interface (2 st)

Neutrik balanced patchbay (3 st)

Signex balanced patchbay

SM Pro Audio VU8 (meter bridge)


NEXUS 3x8 Midi Switcher

Korg MS-20 Legacy control


M-Audio Keystation 49e


Brain/ear interfaces

AKG K271 headphones 

Samson S-Monitor

Soundbarrier Headphones Controller

NAD 3020i hifi amplifier

Eltax Monitor III speakers

Spirit (Soundcraft) Absolute 4P Active monitors (main monitors)



Aiwa Dynamic DM-13

Akai ACM-50 Electret microphone

Akai dynamic something, lo-fiish… (2 st)

Antique square brown bakelite crystal-type

Audio Technica AT864 Dynamic

Behringer C2 (pair) Cond.

Chinon electret video-cam microphone

Contraphon Bakelite large 30s style German (?)

DAP Audio Super Uni-Directional electret

DM2415 (dynamic, made in DDR)

dreadful DM-115 dynamic

EL 1980/03 dynamic

HiMike DM-109 dynamic (HiMike???)

Hosiden Electret C138S-03

JoeMeek JM47 cond.

Maximal M998 small diaphragm cond.

Mymex shower-type something

Philips dynamic 60s/70s razor type

Philips dynamic 70s small, cassette-rec type

Philips Studio dynamic (2 st)

Piezo Electret Condenser Microphone model EX-299

Shure SM-57

Shure SM-58

Shure Unidyne B model 515SA

Sony (modified) cond.

Sopran ancient green tin large diaphragm

Tannoy crystal-type (from a Centurion tank?)

Telefunken TD300

terrible no-name plastic 80s electret (good for noise!)

…and a few others undergoing tests and repairs


FX & outboard etc

Alesis 3630 Compressor (2 st)

Alesis Midiverb

Audio Logic MT44 quad noise gate

Behringer 8-channel Studio Denoiser Mk II

Boss CE-300 Super Chorus

Boss RCL-10 Compressor

Fostex Digital Delay 3050

JoeMeek ThreeQ

JoeMeek VC3

Korg KEC-42 EQ/Compander

Midiman AudioBuddy

OK Microphone Limiter Mk I

Zoom 1201 Multi effect


Guitar & bass FX

Behringer V-Amp3

Behringer FX600 Digital Multi-FX

Behringer UP100 Ultra Phase Shifter

Boss CS-3 (w. Monte Allums Opto Plus Mod)

Boss LMB-3 Bass Limiter Enhancer

Boss SYB-3 Bass Synthesizer

Danelectro Fab Chorus

Danelectro Fab Tone

Hartke Bass Attack

J&J Phaser

Line6 pocketPOD

TC Electronic Integrated Preamp

Walco Automatic (eh, well…) Level Control

Yamaha CO-01 Compressor


Guitar & Bass

See separate page


Synthesizers & modules

Access Virus A

Akai SG01v

Alesis D4

Alesis NanoBass (2 st)

Alesis NanoSynth

Bit-01 (Blackface)

Casio CZ-1000

EMU Vintage keys Plus

Korg DDD-1 (wonderful 80’s drum machine!)

Korg Legacy Collection

Korg MicroKorg

MAM ADX1 (analogue drum synth)


Nord Rack 1

Paia Fatman

Peavey SpectrumBassII

Roland JV-1010 w.

   SR-JV80-09 Session (built-in)

   SR-JV80-12 Hip-Hop

Roland JV-1080 w.

   SR-JV80-04 Vintage Synth

   SR-JV80-10 Bass & Drums

   SR-JV80-11 Techno

   SR-JV80-17 Country Collection

Roland XV-2020 w.

   SRX-03 Studio SRX

   SRX-12 Classic EPs

Roland SC-7 (noisy GM-module)

Simmons SDS 2000 Digital Drums

Yamaha DX9

Yamaha FB-01

Yamaha PSS-450 PortaSound

Yamaha RX5 (wonderful 80’s drum machine!)



PC-based system/network

PC1 (midi/audio/video) WaMi Rack 24 & Midisport 4x4

PC2 (Korg Legacy) M-Audio 2496


Toys etc…

Technics SL-1210

Stanton double CD


Drum pads (ddrum and Yamaha)


 ...and some stuff  forgotten...





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