Textruta: Welcome to Dystopia!

A man pulling his pants 
A woman looking out over the
   city skyline

No one is to blame, everything's the same
Always looking after 
your brother, are you?

A ballet without dancing,
an opera without words,
a concert without audience,
as life is without you

Osaka, June 2004

Information wants to be free.



Freedom of speech.

Free listening.

Nobody listens.

”A search for something, digging deep into yourself, finding something at the bottom, saying ”kilroy was here”, disappointment, like being the first man on the moon, and being greeted welcome by a cafe-owner originally from Bumfuck, Indiana, who tells you that times have changed while you were travelling, forgotten by everyone and everything except the NASA control panel, with a computer re-assuring nothing is wrong, everything is ok, but what does a machine know? Or, if it is not the machine, perhaps it is the ghost in the machine, who knows…?”


Francois Debauge ”Machine-made men” (1978)

Textruta: Art, science, religion
keywords in our search for the holy grail
solving every mystery, leading every trail
to another goal, once the present is achieved

2012 (14th year) no 3

The end. But not here.

We can not learn from one another

until we stop shouting at one another

until we speak quietly enough

so that our words can be heard

as well as our voices

This page include excerpts from:

Debauge, Francois (1978) Machine-made men. Stuttgart, BRD: Müller Frank Verlag.